A Letter from Net Zero Conference Founder Drew Shula

 A Letter from Net Zero Conference Founder Drew Shula

By: Drew Shula, Verdical Group

Thank you for joining us this week at our 9th annual Net Zero Conference & Expo! The Verdical Group team and I are thrilled to have this amazing community of climate leaders joining us (in person!) to build an equitable net zero future for all people, now.

We have incredible momentum in our movement with the largest ever climate bill in U.S. history having just been passed with $369 billion dollars of funding. We’re talking climate, zero carbon, net zero, resilience, and equity. ESG is everywhere and industries across the board are scrambling to catch up. Thankfully our community of Net Zero Conference leaders and sustainability pros are here to help the rest of the world catch up. We know climate action is urgent, and we’re collectively pushing as hard as we can to get off fossil fuels (oil, coal, and natural gas) and create a zero carbon economy.

While each of us is making an incredible impact via our day-to-day work, it’s so important for us to come together to share ideas, strategies, and best practices. That collaboration is key to us mitigating climate change enough to avoid exceeding the Paris 1.5°C threshold.

Our goal is for the Net Zero Conference to provide education and connection within our community, make as little impact as possible on the environment, and to advocate for positive social change.

Another aspect of this year’s event that inspires us is our ongoing initiative to look outside the built environment for content, as the net zero movement has expanded into new industries. We’re pleased to be presenting sessions focused on Agriculture, Biophilia, Buildings, Energy, Fashion, Food & Beverage, Health & Wellness, Materials, Personal Care, Technology, Transit, Waste, Water, and more. We’re also excited to have more diversity in speaker backgrounds than ever before—stay tuned for more on that in our upcoming NZ22 Transparency Report. In the meantime, let’s have fun and make some change today!


Drew Shula
Founder, Net Zero Conference
Founder & CEO, Verdical Group