Zanagee Artis

Zero Hour

Zanagee Artis is a 20-year-old from Clinton, Connecticut and a co-founder of the youth climate justice organization Zero Hour. As director of logistics, he organized the Zero Hour Youth Climate March in Washington D.C. in 2018 and helped to coordinate the marches globally.

Since then, alongside fellow Zero Hour organizers, he organized the “This is Zero Hour: The Youth Climate Summit” in Miami, Florida in July 2019 and the Global Climate Strikes in Providence, RI with the Sunrise Movement last September. Zanagee has also led the effort to establish Zero Hour’s international climate justice education campaign: Getting to the Roots of Climate Change, and he is now leading the #Vote4OurFuture campaign as Director of Advocacy for Zero Hour.

He is a student at Brown University and is passionate about learning about law, politics, and environmental justice. He currently serves as the Chair of Campus Life for the Undergraduate Council of Students and the Secretary for the Black Pre-Law Association.