William Zhou

Founder & CEO

William Zhou is the Founder and CEO of EvoEco, a technology company driven to improve the way individuals behave through interactive digital experiences. Stemming from a frustration that few companies were exploring sustainable solutions, his deep passion in environmental advocacy, technology, and user interaction inspired a permanent leave of absence from University and the founding of EvoEco.
Since it’s initial launch in late 2017, the EVOBIN Smart Bin systems have diverted over a million pounds of waste from landfill and continues to grow as adoption spreads. EvoEco maintains a client portfolio including numerous Fortune 500 companies who are leading the way towards Zero-Waste. From TEDx to international stages – William continues to speak on behalf and champion sustainability through user-behavior changing technology. He has served and advised numerous award winning game studios and has previously worked in research at the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the University of Washington: Computer Science – Center for Game Science.