Pat Lando

Executive Director

Pat Lando is the executive Director of Recode; a nonprofit organization that creates and promotes regulations and policies for climate change solutions which includes sustainable and equitable water systems. Pat is also a practicing Landscape Architect and infrastructure consultant with over 30 years of practice. Pat has been an innovator and pioneer in stormwater management and has helped shape rainwater, graywater, sanitation, stormwater and [eco]greenroof building codes since 1999.

He designed and installed the first potable rainwater system and the first legal graywater system in Oregon in 2009. He helped draft the graywater plumbing code while on Oregon Department of Environmental Quality’s graywater advisory committee. And Pat has also participated in drafting plumbing and sanitation codes for the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO), Oregon and Washington States. He is a member of the Washington on State Plumbing board, IAPMO’s ‘WeStand’ Advisory Panel and is a Design Commissioner for the City of Gresham, Oregon.