Josiah Cain

Director of Innovation
Sherwood Engineers

Josiah Cain is a multi-disciplinary ecological design professional who has dedicated his career to the advancement of sustainable design systems. He has built projects, companies and teams that have consistently been at the forefront of innovation, combining Permaculture, ecology, on-site water reuse, natural building, living roofs and walls, native ornamental planting, and urban agriculture since 1997.

As a landscape architect, Josiah became well known for his ecological landscapes and deeply technical approach to designs that often included graywater, rain harvesting, habitat, stormwater, recycled materials, and food production. As co-founder and Director of Sherwood Engineers’ Innovation Lab, Josiah has worked to establish and expand multi-disciplinary teams specializing in on-site water reuse systems, large scale green roof and podium landscapes, resilient urban waterfronts, sustainability and circular economic frameworks, and high performance engineered landscapes. Josiah is currently leading efforts to re-engage urban river systems and advance ecologically integrated campus and district infrastructure.