John F. Williams

Chairman & CEO
Impact Infrastructure, Inc., makers of Autocase Software

John Williams has forty-years of experience as an advisor to infrastructure and building development. He started out as a Community Liaison for major infrastructure projects. In latter years, he served as owners’ representative for the development of more than $5B in successful Public-Private ventures. In 2007, he initiated a movement aimed at measuring the value of “Green” infrastructure and buildings. He coined the phrase: SROI (Sustainable Return on Investment) and led a team of economists charged with creating an objective, transparent framework for measuring tangible and intangible benefits associated with investments in infrastructure and buildings. In 2012 he founded Impact Infrastructure, the makers of Autocase software for automated economic analysis.

Autocase leveraged cloud-based computing to dramatically reduce the cost and improve the quality of economic assessments on more than $100B in projects including airports; university campuses; hospitals; power infrastructure; commercial buildings; manufacturing, water, wastewater and stormwater facilities; and mobility investments. More recently, Autocase was expanded to measure and tell the entire carbon story associated with building performance.

John spent more than 25-years as a principle owner of an international AEC firm, 15-years on the adjunct faculty at Columbia University, 12-years as a Trustee at the New York Foundation for the Arts, 5-years of the Sustainability Industry Advisory Board at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design, 4-years on CERES Presidents Council, 2-years on the LA Metro Sustainability Council, and is in his third term as Board Chair with the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure.