Joe Azzarello

Senior Staff Sustainability Engineer

Joe Azzarello has been a part of the USGBC and green building movement since its beginning. He was one of the original founding members of the USGBC in 1993 when David Gottfried, Rick Fedrizzi and Mike Italiano came to him with a proposal to help start an organization which eventually became known as the US Green Building Council. Joe served on the first Board of Directors of the USGBC as Vice Chairman of the organization and was actively involved as a Board member during its formative years. He helped pave the way for LEED by participating in the Beta testing of the newly developed green building guidelines that became known as LEED v1.0.

Over the last 20 years, Joe continues to lend his expertise, passion and interest to the USGBC and has a unique perspective on where the organization has come from and the possibilities for the future. Joe has been a presenter at multiple Greenbuild events and continues his involvement with the USGBC as a Greenbuild education session proposal reviewer, and a member of the LEED Manufacturers Users Group, working to better adapt and apply LEED guidelines to manufacturing facilities.