Jasmine Lomax

Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility Manager
Kilroy Realty Corporation

As an SF Bay Area native, Jasmine has always had a passion for sustainability. Always having a holistic approach to sustainability, Jasmine spent most of her free time as a youth volunteering with organizations such as Habitat for Humanity participating in neighborhood development efforts and GRID Alternatives, where she lead teams of volunteers installing solar on low-income housing.

Knowing the importance and the impact of the built environment, she received her degree in Construction Management with dual minors in City and Regional Planning, and Real Property Development from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Jasmine almost seamlessly made the transition into Corporate Sustainability.

A few months after graduating College, Jasmine was nominated to the Board of Directors for USGBC-LA as an Emerging Professional where she was able to gain invaluable knowledge from her distinguished board peers and also provide a new perspective on the advancement of sustainability across various market sectors.

As a Sustainability& Corporate Social Responsibility Manager at Kilroy Realty Corporation, Jasmine heads up the tracking and managing of Scope 3 Carbon Emissions on Kilroy’s development projects. She supports Kilroy Realty property management teams and tenants in their efforts to occupy and operate high-performing, environmentally sustainable buildings. In addition to managing building certifications within the portfolio, she supports the company’s corporate social responsibility initiatives.