Jamie Margolin

Zero Hour

Jamie Margolin is an 18-year-old Colombian-American organizer, activist, author, public speaker, and Film & TV student.

She is the co-founder of the international youth climate justice movement called Zero Hour that led Youth Climate Marches in Washington, DC, and 25+ cities around the world during the summer of 2018. Zero Hour has over 200+ chapters worldwide and has been a leading organization in the climate movement. Jamie helps lead Zero Hour in organizing marches, rallies, educational campaigns, strikes, summits, and lobby days, including the “2019 Youth Climate Summit” in Miami Florida and the Youth Climate Lobby Days on Capitol Hill both in 2018 and in 2019.

Jamie is also a plaintiff on the Our Children’s Trust Youth v. Gov Washington state lawsuit, Aji P. vs. State of Washington, suing the state of Washington for denying her generation our constitutional rights to a livable environment by worsening the climate crisis.

Jamie is the author of countless thought-provoking Op-Eds for various publications such as The New York Times, Teen Vogue, The Washington Post, TIME Magazine, DAZED, Refinery29, and The Guardian. Jamie’s debut book, “Youth To Power: Your Voice and How To Use It,” is hitting bookstores worldwide June 2nd of 2020 (pre-order at www.youthtopowerbook.com) and it will serve as a guide to being a young activist and organizer for any cause.

Jamie represents Zero Hour at international leadership events like the C40 Mayors summit and the UN Youth Climate Summit, and has gone on several national and international speaking tours, speaking to audiences all over the world about climate justice. In September of 2019, she testified before the US Congress alongside fellow youth activist Greta Thunberg, holding her leaders accountable to taking urgent climate action. She recently spoke as a keynote at Greenbuild 2019 in Atlanta, GA.

Jamie served as a surrogate for the Bernie Sanders 2020 Presidential Campaign, speaking at several campaign rallies (including the 2020 Tacoma Dome rally to an audience of over 17 thousand people), filming campaign endorsement videos, and doing outreach to get out the vote for Bernie Sanders.

Jamie is one of Teen Vogue’s “21 Under 21” girls changing the world in 2018, One of People Magazines 25 women changing the world in 2018, Fuse TV’s Latina Trailblazer of 2018, one of The Today Show’s 18 under 18 Groundbreakers of 2019, MTV EMA Generation Change winner of 2019, and one of the BBC’s 100 most influential women of 2019.