Gary Lai

AHBE Landscape Architects, Inc.

Gary is a Landscape Architect with over 25 years of experience. Gary is also an educator and sustainability advocate. Gary is currently a Principal at AHBE Landscape Architect. Gary volunteers his time educating the public and advocating for sustainability. He is the former Co-Chair for the Living Building Challenge Los Angeles Collaborative, an active volunteer for the United States Green Building Council Los Angeles Chapter, and sit on the California Congress for Water Conservation through the International Living Futures Institute.
Landscape Architecture is about design in the intersection between human development and the natural world. Over the last 100 years, our definition of a successful landscape architectural project has been how well we have integrated natural features with the hard edges of development. However, those hard edge developments became much more nefarious than we could have imagined. Our consumptive development practices are pushing our environment to the brink of collapse. If our design and construction activities consists of building systems that only co-existed with the natural processes of our planet, our built environment would be the same as our natural environment and our designs would all be sustainable. It is from this ideal that Gary forms the basis of his design philosophy and practice.