Gary Lai


Gary Lai is an accomplished landscape architect and thought leader in sustainability, resiliency and
conservation. Gary leverages three decades of design and planning experience to steer large, complex
projects to successful completion. His interest in drawing and environmentalism led him to a field that
he describes as the ‘architecture of living things’ with an immense potential to impact quality of life for
future generations. Gary is dedicated to transforming public landscapes in any setting—civic to
commercial, healthcare to housing, park to plaza, road to river—to enhance the social and ecological
health of cities.

In addition to his extensive expertise in sustainable design and water issues, his
facilitation and communication skills enable him to focus and maximize the creative energies of project
collaborators toward innovative, yet practical solutions. Given his range of work, there isn’t a problem
that Gary hasn’t encountered, which makes him highly effective in resolving and clearing project road
block. From concept to construction administration, Gary offers each project his considerable
knowledge to ensure that client and community needs are addressed with lasting outcomes. His
commitment to environmental advocacy is reflected in his teaching and speaking engagements, as well
as his active involvement in the local professional sustainability community. Gary is currently a Principal
for AHBE/MIG in Los Angeles, California.