Frank Romero-Crockett

Impact Communications & Design Manager
United Way
Robin Hood Gala Speaker

Frank serves as the Impact Initiatives Communications and Design Manager at United Way of Greater Los Angeles and serves a major role in the Everyone In campaign. Everyone In is a broad-based effort to activate millions of residents in L.A. County to support real solutions to our homelessness and housing crisis. Frank draws from his diverse experience in community organizing, digital strategy, and storytelling to develop new approaches to building the public and political will necessary to approve the affordable and supportive housing we need.

Frank diverted from his original career path in education when he taught in the Middle East during 9/11 and instead focused his skillset on building community power through popular education, social activism, and the arts. Frank has an education degree from Biola University, is an alum of the Coro Fellows Program in Public Affairs and General Assembly in digital marketing. Frank is a music enthusiast, part-time DJ, full-time dad, and a basketball junky. He lives in Highland Park with his partner and two young daughters.