Eera Babtiwale

Associate Principal / Vice President of Sustainability
HMC Architects

    As co-VP of Sustainability at HMC Architects and board member of the Designing Futures Foundation (DFF), Eera’s efforts are making a difference in demonstrating how sustainable building design translates into tangible value for her clients and communities. She has led the sustainable analysis, design and green building certification for over 3 million square feet worth of projects for HMC over the past 14 years. Eera is now focused on a larger goal of looking beyond the conventional definition of sustainability, and toward a regenerative future. She aims to achieve Net Zero Energy for all new building projects by 2030, and to use building design as a means to educate and foster a regenerative culture. She utilizes a four-part mantra: 1. Start with passive design, 2. Right-size the mechanical system, 3. Supplement with renewables, 4. Use the building to inspire and teach. The result not only promises a cost savings, but a change in human behavior, and a reverence for resource conservation.

    Eera has been a USGBC Inland Empire branch steering committee co-chair for the past 3 years. In her role, she has facilitated sustainability workshops for schools, organized Earth Week events, held Green Teacher Credential Training sessions, assisted with the World Water Day symposium and coordinated a Green Lecture series. She firmly believes in the mission of the USGBC LA and seeks to make sustainability accessible to everyone and everywhere. She sees every project as an opportunity to make a positive impact in terms of energy, water and waste use, but also in terms of educating and inspiring building users through the sustainable features of the built environment.

    Eera is a proud mother of three and best friend to her husband. Her kids are her source of inspiration because she wants them to inherit a healthier, more positive world.