Denis Hayes

Bullitt Foundation

Denis Hayes is President of the Seattle-based Bullitt Foundation, where he developed the first 50,000-square-foot building to be fully certified under the Living Building Challenge. Among other attributes, the Bullitt Center is Net Zero Energy, Net Zero Carbon, and Net Zero Water. Hayes first described many of the design principles incorporated in the Bullitt Center in his 1977 book, Rays of Hope: The Transition to the Post-Petroleum World.

During his career, Hayes has been Director of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory; professor of engineering at Stanford; environmental lobbyist; and a Silicon Valley lawyer. In 1970 he dropped out of Harvard to become national coordinator of the first Earth Day, and over the past 50 years he grew Earth Day into the most-widely-observed secular holiday in the world. Denis has been profiled as New York Times’s “Person in the News” and Time Magazine’s “Hero of the Planet.”