Danny Gleiberman

Manager, Product Compliance and Government Affairs
Sloan Valve Company

Daniel Gleiberman has held the position of Manager of Product Compliance and Government Affairs for Sloan Valve Company since 2012.  An active leader in the plumbing industry, he has held previous chair posts with Plumbing Manufacturers International on the Government Affairs Committee and is currently the co-chair of the Water Efficiency and Sustainability Committee.  With his leadership, PMI has been able to bring product transparency to the forefront of the industry with the formulation and publication of several Product Category Rules (PCRs) to be used industrywide.
Mr. Gleiberman has extensive experience in  legislation coordination, regulatory compliance, and public policy initiatives. He has participated and remains active in all aspects of plumbing codes and standards development, including with ASME, ASSE, IAPMO, ICC, ASHRAE, NSF and NSPC.  He has also coordinated and implemented an educational awareness campaign to highlight the environmental benefits of water-efficient commercial plumbing fixtures and fittings, as the well as a focus on sustainability..
Gleiberman has served as three-time board member and and current emeritus director of the U.S. Green Building Council – Los Angeles Chapter.  He has also served  on the board of directors for the California Urban Water Conservation Council, during which time he worked on programs that highlighted commercial water-use efficiency and initiatives to promote wider utilization of water-efficient commercial plumbing fixtures throughout California.  A wide array of these initiatives have since been implemented throughout  the United States.