Brian Conner

Architect / Pastor

    With over thirty-five years of architectural experience, Brian’s remarkable career includes leading many significant and award-winning architectural projects. Notable projects include leading the team for the design of Saddleback Church’s Masterplan and initial sanctuary in Lake Forest, CA. Later, Brian formed and provided leadership to an in-house design-build team which successfully implemented Saddleback’s capital campaign. Ministry projects include the Refinery Youth Center, a Chapel, and 40 acres of quarry restoration, new infrastructure and parking facilities.

    Brian utilized his Management skills for 6 years while leading a design and management team at Toyota Motor Sales, Real Estate and Development Department. In his position there, Brian masterplanned and implemented Toyota’s US headquarters expansion in Torrance, CA. As a response to Toyota’s Global Earth Charter, Brian led the South Campus expansion project, which resulted in the largest LEED Gold-certified facility in the US in 2003.

    Today, Brian uses his Architectural talents to masterplan and design church facilities all over the nation. Sustainability and stewardship are an integral part of every design he produces. Brian Uses the term “Architectural Evangelism” to describe facilities which express the core values of the Church which match the values of the members in the surrounding community thereby drawing them into the facility.

    Brian serves as a Global Missions Pastor, organizing teams and leading them on short-term trips to Tanzania and Haiti. During these trips, his teams assist and empower underserved communities to “help them help themselves” overcome challenges.