Brent Bucknum

hyphae design lab

    As an urban ecologist, Brent’s work aims to improve the health and diversity of all species in the urban environment, but with a particular focus on cities’ dominant megafuana; humans. Brent Bucknum is the founder of Hyphae Design Lab, an Oakland based multi-disciplinary and innovation firm. Brent also co-founded Urban Biofilter, an environmental-health focused research and policy joint venture developed with West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project (WOEIP).

    Brent brings a systems-thinking perspective to environmental health and urban infrastructure challenges, by building diverse teams to create practical solutions to global challenges through academic research, community participation, design innovation and earth systems engineering and public policy. Brent also lectures, researches, advocates in California and throughout the US for how urban infrastructure planning to provide multi-benefit that improves air, soil, water and human health and environmental justice.