Aric Ohana

Envoy Technologies

Prior to founding Envoy, Aric’s 12-year career in commercial real estate has included institutional asset management, ground-up development and management of multi-family and student housing projects. Aric has a passion for creating sustainable live/work/play communities that create practical solutions to influence sustainable living. His projects have consistently looked to incorporate and push sustainable design. At Envoy, Aric is helping to shape the future of mobility and the electrification of the built environment. Envoy is a community-based shared mobility company with an all electric vehicle fleet. They create closed shared mobility networks for apartments, hotels and workplaces, exclusive to community members as a property amenity. Although Envoy has cars parked at Market Rate communities and Teslas parked at luxury apartments, their true passion is equitable transportation. Envoy is ensuring that the next mobility revolution will be inclusive, equal and affordable. 50% of Envoy’s vehicles are being deployed in disadvantaged communities. This will allow community members to access Envoy cars for personal use or drive in the gig economy. Each car deployed creates up to 2 full-time jobs or 10 part-time jobs allowing Envoy’s users to earn personal income over 30% higher than the minimum wage.