Tito Marchant

Principal Ecologist, Ecological Conservation & Management
Mr. Marchant has over 30 years of experience in natural resources management in California. His life work has focused on conserving biodiversity and rewilding using ecological habitat restoration principles. His research has focused on the conservation of rare plants and has authored several articles related with population genetics of narrow endemics, pollination ecology, and plant conservation. During his career, Tito has accumulated over 35,000 hours of field experience. In the field of restoration ecology, Tito has designed, managed, and supervised the installation of complex restoration programs, including fresh and saltwater wetlands, coastal sage scrub, riparian woodland, native grassland, oak woodland, inland and coastal dunes, and vernal pools. In the field of wildlife, Tito specialized in the study and monitoring of sensitive species including birds, reptiles, insects and amphibians. He has extensive experience studying, surveying and monitoring the reproductive success of the federally threatened California gnatcatcher and the Least Bell’s Vireo. His entomological experiences include conducting studies and surveys for many sensitive species such as the Quino checkerspot (San Diego and Riverside counties), Monarch Butterfly (San Diego and Santa Barbara counties), and El Segundo Blue Butterfly (Los Angeles County).