Siyu Qu

Design Professional, Miller Hull

Siyu Qu is a designer at Miller Hull, focusing primarily on site-specific sustainable design. With a background in fine arts, she is particularly interested in the multidisciplinary nature of architecture and how it ultimately presents as a culmination of art, nature, science, and culture. A fervid believer in the possibilities of public space, Siyu most enjoys working on projects that include these communal environments. In her mind, good architecture is what connects individuals to their city, and the mouth that translates between a building’s surrounding environment, its neighborhood, and its people. Highly collaborative in her approach,, Siyu credits a project’s success to the contributions of its many team members, and their ability to share knowledge and learn from one another. Her recent work on the Hans Rosling Center for Population Health and the Health Sciences Education Building, both at the University of Washington Seattle campus, are based on an interdisciplinary approach to learning, and bringing different people together for the common good.