Simon Ha

Founder & CEO, Simon Ha Housing Solutions (SHHS)

Simon Ha, founder of Simon Ha Housing Solutions (SHHS), has dedicated his career to transforming housing through innovative design and policy advocacy. With a master's degree from Harvard University's Graduate School of Design, Simon's expertise spans urban redevelopment, architecture, and community engagement. His leadership at SHHS is focused on addressing California's housing crisis, aiming for high-quality, accessible housing solutions. Prior roles as a Managing Partner at Steinberg Hart and his involvement in innovative housing projects have underscored his commitment to enhancing living experiences.

Active in community and civic engagements, Simon has significantly contributed to the Downtown LA community, chaired key committees, and participated in housing policy development. His work with the Skid Row Housing Trust and on various planning and land-use committees highlights his deep commitment to housing equity and urban development. Through SHHS, Simon continues to champion the cause of affordable, sustainable housing, reflecting his passion for creating impactful, livable urban spaces