Rawaa Milner

Management Consulting Senior Manager | Sustainability, Accenture
Rawaa Milner is a leader in Accenture’s sustainability practice, where she applies her expertise in strategic planning, execution, and systems thinking to tackle complex sustainability challenges. With a Master's degrees in Civil Engineering/Water Resources and Media Psychology, she has over two decades of experience bridging technological innovation and strategic implementation in sustainability. Rawaa has held pivotal roles in multinational corporations and served as permanent staff with the United Nations Development Programme. In her current role, she enhances sustainability outcomes for businesses and communities by developing corporate sustainability strategies, leading water and climate agendas, and integrating sustainable technologies into operations. Her collaborative approach and technical skills advance enterprise sustainability performance and growth. Rawaa's experience spans the food and beverage, utilities, high tech, semiconductor, real estate, and international development sectors. Her expertise includes corporate net zero programming, sustainable supply chains, water resources management, and water-energy interdependencies.