Minh Le

General Manager for Energy and Environmental Services, County of Los Angeles' Internal Services Department
Minh Le serves as the General Manager for Energy and Environmental Services for the County of Los Angeles’ Internal Services Department. His focus is to help the County and the region become more energy efficient, transition to zero emissions in the transportation sector, and deploy more renewable energy. Under his leadership, his team has deployed over 1,400 grid responsive Level 2 and DC Fast charging ports across LA County at government facilities with an ambitious goal of 15,000 to support the state’s shift towards zero emissions transportation. He has been supporting greater research collaborations and utilizing the government infrastructure as a living laboratory for deployment of advanced energy technologies. Prior to his current role, Minh served at the federal level at the Department of Energy. He led the Solar Energy Technologies Office and the SunShot Initiative and latter served at the Office of Management and Budget to support energy and water innovation policy and investments. Earlier in his career, Minh worked to scale domestic manufacturing of solar and semiconductors in the private sector. Minh earned his SM and SB degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.