Meris Gebhardt

Founder, Opulent Mindfulness

Meris has dedicated her life to the transformational practice of meditation and yoga, specifically designed for the global workplace. Having discovered the practice of meditation during a tumultuous relationship, this became her daily 3 minutes of safe space until it became her life’s work. No stranger to the ever-curious emotion of anxiety, she found meditation and other healing techniques central to completely pointing her life in a positive and purposeful direction. By rewiring the brain and carving new and healthy neuro pathways, destructive patterns and behaviours became the stuff of yesterday’s tribulations. Not only were the mind, body and heart free to heal, they began to thrive.

No longer wasting valuable energy on derailing negativity, vast swells of energy and love emerged and were freed up to serve. Having sold software for over 20 years, her understanding and affinity for progressive, world-changing organizations became the sweet spot to proliferate her work and the people, her new professional tribe. While selling software, insecurities unsettled her about being dispensable, not being the smartest person in the room and the pressure of demanding sales goals.

Today, it is her life’s mission to encourage individuals at companies to know their inherent value. We aim to soothe and settle nerves with respect to unprecedented pressures to perform, out-do, overcome and be the BEST in the world. While we absolutely believe in mastering new heights in achievable realms of possibility, this must all be done in a way that optimizes not compromises good overall health. Keeping the daily pulse on mastering this level of integration, otherwise known as integrity (value system + action) ensures not only thriving individuals but a collective workforce resulting in prosperous and purposeful companies. Brain science informs her guidance through ongoing learning from top experts, globally. We know there are both harmful and helpful stressors. We know there is a sweet spot of neurotransmitter balance to keep us in flow.