Melati Irawanto

Project Manager, Indonesia, PUR

Melati Samata Aji Irawanto (Project Manager, Indonesia, PUR) is a consultant and trainer in the forestry, agri and aquaculture sectors, specializing in rural development, value chain analysis, policy advocacy and integration of NbS for projects in Indonesia and the Pacific. She has supported national public and private sector partners to streamline incentives and needs at the grassroots level - aiding in establishing sustainable business models and creating data-driven strategies to leverage market system performance at all levels. At PUR, she is a key contributor to the design, implementation, and monitoring of large-scale NbS projects across Indonesia - working with stakeholders to optimize objectives, manage project activities and sustainable practices involved in ecosystem restoration, agroforestry, and regenerative agriculture initiatives, and provide advisory for carbon certification. She brings valuable insights into best practices for multi-stakeholder NbS projects and represents the needs of communities and Farmers as key Partners.