Matthew O’Malia

Co-Founder, Timber HP

Matthew O’Malia’s award winning architecture has earned him a nationwide reputation for innovation and expertise in the design of passive house residential and institutional buildings.

Over time, the use of fossil-fuel derived insulations in the buildings he was creating became an unsustainable trade off—a reduction in operational energy requirements, but a canceling out of those savings through the use of insulations high in embodied carbon.

In 2016, O’Malia teamed up with TimberHP’s other co-founder, materials chemist Joshua Henry, to look for a better domestic solution and determined carbon negative insulation from wood residuals, a successful product in Europe, could be manufactured affordably in the U.S.

GO Lab, Inc.—TimberHP’s parent company—purchased a former paper mill in Madison, Maine in 2019 and raised more than $130M to renovate the facility and turn it into the first wood fiber insulation manufacturing plant in North America. With renovations nearly complete, TimberHP will be selling all three of its products—TimberFill, TimberBatt and TimberBoard—on the North American market by late 2023.