Kirstin Weeks

Principal, Regenerative Design + Urban Ecology, BioStudio LLC

A leader in regenerative and net-positive design, Kirstin works with interdisciplinary teams to create equitable, resilient built environments where people and nature thrive together. After 12 years as an energy and building ecology specialist at Arup, Kirstin started Bio Studio to offer innovative, collaborative, climate-positive consulting while bringing to the forefront her passion for living systems and the enhancement of wellbeing and environmental justice. Kirstin is an accomplished engagement facilitator and a respectful communicator with a wide range of stakeholders, always working to create a space where everyone can be included and work toward consensus. Kirstin’s experience extends from sustainability leadership on education, office, civic and landscape projects to urban ecology strategy and habitat planting design. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area where her desk looks out on her four front-yard chickens.