Kamilah Sanders

CEO, Greater Than Equal

Speaker, Event Curator, Creative Producer, Kamilah Sanders is Founder and CEO of Greater Than Equal. Greater Than Equal uses an equity lens and systems change approach along with Web3 technologies for global collective impact and creating a paradigm shift among citizens. Using experiential events to expose creatives to technologies that help to maximize impact, Greater Than Equal specializes in Strategic Creative Equity Experiences that highlight unique perspectives, connect disparate groups and promote innovative, inspiring, actionable, thought-provoking conversations. As a leading Web3 Marketing Strategist, Kamilah Sanders serves creative social impact founders turning their visions to reality and helping them maximize their impact on the world through using Web3 for Sustainable Fashion, Art, and Equity focused social impact projects.

Kamilah is an award-winning professional with 20 years of experience in marketing and executive leadership; and over 10 years of experience in retail fashion apparel. A Remake Ambassador, Climate Reality Leader, and Catalyst 2030 member, Kamilah connects the worlds of BIPOC communities, governments, corporations, specialists, and citizens to amplify the voices of local artisans and communities.

Passionate about utilizing Web3 technology for the economic advancement of people of the global majority, Kamilah serves as a host for Fashion Futurist Community and co-hosts AI for Creatives Podcast, Crypto for Creatives Podcast; Digital Assets & Metaverse (D.A.M.) Podcast; Fashion Reimagined: Our Digital Future; and more. Kamilah has been a featured speaker at Fashion Revolution; Fashion Takes Action; Girls for a Change; Catalyst 2030; Nashville Design Week; Brooklyn Fashion Week and more.