Joshua English

Founder & CEO, okom wrks lab

okom wrks labs was founded by Joshua in 2018. He is an artist and designer with a career spanning 27 years. He has a multi-faceted skillset which includes such varying fields as data visualization and large system design, as well as, architectural and industrial design. 

A graduate of the Interior Architecture and Design program at Academy of Art in SF, he has a *not so mild* obsession with materials and has been on a quest to discover the most sustainable material solutions to everyday design challenges that humans face. 

He is part of the vanguard of designers, architects, and engineers forging a new path to help steer humanity away from the cliff before our green, verdant earth is irredeemably lost for future generations.  

His current work is primarily focused on harnessing the self-replicating wonders of mycelium in order to create 1 : 1 substitutes for materials that have historically led to deforestation. 

His innovation uses low-tech means of creating load-bearing, structural components from 3 simple ingredients: mycelium, hemp hurd, and organic cotton.