Jocelyn “Josse” Gee

Head of Community Growth, Green Jobs Board

Jocelyn "Josse" Gee is a dynamic climate advocate and a driving force behind the Green Jobs Board's community growth. Her unwavering commitment to sustainability, diversity, equity, and inclusion has transformed the Green Jobs Board community into a vibrant platform that resonates with over 150K monthly impressions on LinkedIn. Josse's role is multifaceted, involving crafting compelling newsletters, fostering community engagement, and representing the Green Jobs Board in public appearances. Her strategic approach has successfully bridged the gap between employers and candidates, particularly for BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, People with Disabilities, and others who have been systemically excluded from climate spaces. Beyond the Green Jobs Board, Josse serves as the Digital Manager of Gas Leaks at Climate Nexus, where she directs digital strategy to expose the destructive impacts of methane gas, inspire divestment from fossil fuel systems, and empower frontline communities. Josse's unique blend of scientific inquiry, creative vision, business strategy, and activism allows her to craft compelling narratives that resonate deeply with audiences, inviting them to connect with the urgency and beauty of the climate movement. Her work has been recognized for its impact, and she has collaborated with environmental leaders such as Browngirl Green, Hollywood Climate Summit, and Intersectional Environmentalist, among others. Outside of work, Josse finds solace in the natural world, marveling at the interconnectedness of ecosystems and the boundless realm of imagination. Her work is not just a job—it's a purpose and a source of endless hope for a sustainable future.