Gokulram Paranjothi

Research Scientist, Communities and Urban Science, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Gokul is currently a research engineer with the communities and urban science research group (CUSRG) at NREL. He has over 6 years of experience in the buildings industry, 4 of which have been in the industry as an energy modeler for a consulting firm, and 2 as a researcher at NREL. His industry experience has focused on energy modeling for code and above code programs in the greater Denver area, and for certifications including but not limited to LEED, Green Globes, Living Building Challenge, and others. At NREL, he has been working on a number of topics related to energy justice and advising on equitable distribution of technologies in different regions. He also works with modeling emerging technologies with NREL’s stock modeling tools, and has experience in modeling novel materials and HVAC systems. His mechanical engineering education background has also led him to experimentally investigate heat exchangers, heat pumps, and simultaneous heating and cooling devices. When he’s not working, Gokul is trying to choose a trail to run on or a book to get immersed in.