Gerardo Soto

Managing Director, Food Waste Experts
Gerardo Soto is the Founder and Managing Director of Food Waste Experts (FWE). FWE provides consulting services implementing strategies using cutting-edge sustainable solutions to reduce food scraps, create value from food before becoming food scraps, and maximize value when treating food scraps onsite. Our primary focus is to help our partners understand the facts, the consequences, and the solutions throughout the food journey. There are technologies available for each site, no matter the complexity of an operation; it is only a matter of selecting the ideal solution for every site. Our partners are universities, colleges, schools, hotels, nursing homes, farms, food banks, corporate cafeterias, hospitals, supermarkets, prisons, jails, among other organizations. FWE is revolutionizing how treating organic waste is in the US through an array of cutting-edge technologies that will no longer require hauling away organics from the production site. We are pioneers of onsite in-vessel cutting edge composting solutions in the US, introducing to the market the first onsite in-vessel cutting edge composting system in 2008.