Ebrahim Sitabkhan

Director, Kapadia Associates Design LLP
Ebrahim is an architect with over 18 years of experience in designing and implementing large scale housing, workspace, institutional and retail spaces. Affordable housing in particular, piques his interest the most and he has spent the better part of his professional career engaged with the challenges and opportunities it presents. Palava City being one such example. Teaching is also something he enjoy. Engaging and being challenged by young minds is a rejuvenating experience that he always look forward to. After graduating in 2004 and a brief stint in academia as a design studio assistant, Ebrahim started as a junior architect with Kapadia Associates in 2006 and it’s an association which continues till date. He has grown with the firm and in his current role as a Director, is engaged in a firmwide design and conceptualization role. It’s a role which allows him to engage with a wide range of people and their unique perspectives, which he feels are essential for understanding spaces and their human dimension. He has been a Design Guide for the first-year undergraduate design studio in the faculty of architecture at the Rizvi College of Architecture, Mumbai, a role he took a break from in 2016 to focus more on the practice. He believes that like culture, architecture fosters a sense of community and kinship and has the ability to shape societies by linking them through a thread of shared spatial experiences. Therefore, it is incumbent upon architects to strive for design solutions that are appropriate and unique to needs of the people and communities they serve.