Doug Walters

Chief Sustainability Officer & Chief Resiliency Officer, City of Los Angeles, LA Sanitation & Environment
A native Californian and product of UCLA, Doug Walters has served as the City of Los Angeles’ Chief Sustainability Officer for 9 years representing its Bureau of Sanitation. He oversees many forward thinking goals which have been the trademark of the efforts to lead by example with an eye toward combating climate change all while seeking environmental justice in a very large bureaucracy. Underscoring his commitment are many examples of leadership and stakeholder collaboration such as implementing the City’s Proposition O program to address water quality, flooding, and open space equity; closing the last of the City’s landfills and creating composting facilities, ending the practice of discarding sewage sludge by marketing a new product that resulted in beneficial reuse that is now taught in weekly composting classes citywide, integrating water resources plans to reduce dependence on importing water, and leading a highly qualified team to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, plant trees in disadvantaged areas, and become the first US City to index its biodiversity to protect and enhance wildlife species and natural habitats. Like many, Doug enjoys practicing what he preaches, while mentoring others to be true to themselves and aspire to be environmental stewards in whatever career they choose.