Don Owens

Chairman, HNO International

Donald Owens is a leading expert in Hydrogen Combustion Technology which aims to reduce engine emissions and improve performance.  

Mr. Owens has dedicated the last decade to creating a customized hydrogen solution that would become broadly applicable- the LeefH2, securing 19 patents.  He has personally tested and verified his technology in laboratories approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. 

Previously, Mr. Owens’ was CEO of Business Internet Systems (BIS). In the late ’00s, he launched a first-of-a-kind online platform that serviced the major business card printing needs of the US Congress, Branches of The Executive Office, and The Department of State. He also spearheaded early web and networked database optimization for massive clients such as the US Census Bureau.  

He began his career as a patent attorney for Western Electric and Bell Labs after attaining his law degree from Georgetown University. Prior to that, he received an engineering degree at General Motors Institute (now Kettering University).