Courtney V. Galatioto

Chief of Staff & Vice President, Strategic Partnerships, Smart Electric Power Alliance

Courtney V. Galatioto joined the Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA) in 2019. As the Chief of Staff and Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, she works to align SEPA’s mission and goals with high-quality execution, fosters inclusive and productive relationships throughout the organization and externally, evaluates and manages risks, and facilitates timely decision-making to ensure a productive balance between short-term execution and long-term priorities. She serves as an advisor to the President & CEO and is the principal liaison for SEPA’s Board of Directors and strategic partnerships. She came to SEPA with a decade of experience in the energy industry and previously served as the Vice President for Stakeholder Relations at the Alliance to Save Energy, where she oversaw business development and corporate relations. She also previously served as a policy fellow for the state of North Carolina. Courtney has a master’s degree in government from Johns Hopkins University with a focus on energy, climate change, and security.