Christopher Galarza

Founder/CEO, Forward Dining Solutions LLC. | EcoChef
Chef Christopher Galarza is the President of the Pittsburgh Chapter of the American Culinary Federation, bestselling author, distinguished chef, sustainability consultant, and foremost expert in commercial electric kitchens. Chef has been featured in many outlets such as Time, CNN, Bloomberg, and NOVA’s Documentary Chasing Carbon Zero. As the founder of Forward Dining Solutions LLC, he champions the integration of green technologies and sustainable methods in the food service sector. With years of culinary expertise, Chef Galarza melds his kitchen mastery with a fervent dedication to sustainability. He has steered prestigious kitchens, trained under Certified Master Chefs and Culinary Olympians, and earned a Bachelor of Science in Culinary Management. A captivating speaker and consultant, Chef Galarza partners with chefs, governments, and institutions to introduce sustainable initiatives. Through his writing, advisory roles, and activism, he aspires to lead a transformative wave in conscious hospitality.