Alisha McFetridge

Co-Founder and CEO, Rainstick
Alisha is the co-founder and CEO of Rainstick, a clean technology company committed to building water technology products that drive the future of water conservation and allow people to thrive with only 50 litres of water per day without compromise.
Alisha holds an MSc in Climate Change and Development and a Bachelor in International Business, majoring in Sustainability. Alisha has worked with high-growth technology companies including Disney's Club Penguin and Bananatag and has spent time working in Kenya, China, The Netherlands, the United States and Canada, where she currently lives today. She's built RainStick Shower, North America's first circular shower that saves 80% water and up to 80% energy while providing almost 2X the flow rate. RainStick won Best of Innovation at CES 2022 (out of 1800 companies), Best of KBIS 2022 (Gold) and has been featured in Wall Street Journal, Forbes and the Toronto Sun.