Alex Wright Gladstein

Founder and CEO, Sphere

Alex Wright-Gladstein is the founder and CEO of Sphere. Over 80% of Americans are worried about climate change, but 99% of Americans with retirement savings don’t have the option to make climate-friendly investments. Sphere makes values-aligned investing available to everyone with the AtmoSphere platform, which helps organizations understand the climate impact of their retirement plans, and with fund products that make it easy to add climate-friendly options to existing plan lineups. Prior to founding Sphere, Alex was founding CEO of Ayar Labs, an MIT technology spinout that has raised $200M in venture funding and makes data centers and supercomputers faster and more energy efficient by using light to move data between chips. She has also been the energy entrepreneurship practice leader at MIT and an energy efficiency program manager at smart grid company EnerNOC (now Enel X). She received an MBA from MIT and a BA in Political Science and Economics from Tufts University.