Meet the Emmy Award-Winning Emcee of NZ24!

 Meet the Emmy Award-Winning Emcee of NZ24!

By: Celeste Yun Zhou, Verdical Group

Meet our 2024 Net Zero Conference emcee!

Sarah Yourgrau, a two-time Emmy award-winning storyteller and pioneering social anthropologist, is the visionary force behind Common Ground Studios. With over a decade of diverse media experience from Saturday Night Live to United Nations and Netflix, she’s a trailblazer at the intersection of social impact and storytelling. Renowned for her Emmy-winning series ‘Returning the Favor’ celebrating changemakers and community leaders all across America, Sarah possesses a unique capacity to build bridges between seemingly disparate subcultures, communities and ideas, inspiring tactical solutions and fostering cross-cultural collaborations for a better future.

We’re excited to have Sarah be a part of our Net Zero Conference!

Register here to join her and other industry leaders on September 17+18 in Anaheim, CA.