Exclusive Sponsorship Opportunity

 Exclusive Sponsorship Opportunity

NZ22 Welcome Happy Hour

Excited to be back in person? We have one spot available for an exclusive opportunity to sponsor our Net Zero Conference Welcome Happy Hour hosted in partnership with Good Vodka. Join the legacy of the Net Zero Conference as we come together to champion a net zero future.

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Meet Happy Hour Partner: Good Vodka

Alcohol is agriculture. That’s the guiding principle of Good Liquorworks: that whatever we put into the bottle, it all traces back to a farm, an ecosystem, and a shared earth. So when it comes to building a sustainable brand, you have to go beyond recyclable glass and recycled paper. You have to start at the beginning: at the farm.

Good Liquorworks was built on a simple framework: we can take an existing material and use it to replace one that requires tremendous effort–and resources–to grow: grain. Something we already have instead of something we would need to create. In doing so, we’d lower the waste footprint of the coffee industry, while simultaneously lowering the resource footprint of the alcohol industry.

The result? Describing Good Vodka, Vogue says “It makes an almost frighteningly delicious vodka tonic.” Bon Appetit: “An incredibly sippable spirit.” Punch: “It’s the rare vodka you can sip neat.” So how did we make such a delicious spirit when we started with waste? That’s the thing. We didn’t. We started with ripe fruit.

The Net Zero Conference is committed to a future without fossil fuels. Sponsorship and partnership will not be accepted from companies or organizations whose majority of revenue comes from the fossil fuel industry.