Richard “Dick” Reed

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 11

Richard “Dick” Reed has a career spanning over thirty years, working to advance the economic justice of electrical workers by negotiating contracts that pay family-sustaining wages, negotiating health and retirement benefits, and executing a highly-successful membership organizing program. Mr. Reed is proudly a third generation Inside Wireman Electrician and entered the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers’ apprenticeship in 1985.
Mr. Reed currently holds the office of President of IBEW Local Union 11. As President, he is responsible for supervision of the Union Health and Pension Trust Funds, totaling over a billion dollars, for approximately 21,000 members and retirees. As well, he sits as chairman of the Electrical Training Institute, the largest electrical apprentice and journeyman training facility in North America. He additionally holds the title of President of the Electrical Workers Credit Union.
Richard “Dick” Reed focuses on ensuring meaningful careers for his electrical worker membership as well as a green, clean, renewable energy future that relies heavily on the appropriate training and professional skills of his members.